Another successful space search for a biotech company

14. December 2020
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14. December 2020 admin

Another successful space search for a biotech company

SIRION Biotech GmbH, headquartered in Martinsried near Munich, is one of the leading providers of viral vector technologies for gene therapy applications. SIRION is planning to triple its available laboratory and office capacity and recently rented around 2,400 sqm of lab and office space in Gräfelfing.

Eva Menne, Managing Partner of 1toAll GmbH, was once again able to secure the exclusive right to represent a fast-growing tech company as tenant. Relying on 1toAll’s own comprehensive database and the innovative application, Eva Menne was once again able to effectively assist a client in this pioneering sector. SIRION Biotech operates offices in Paris and Boston and provides a leading, extensive portfolio of project-specific viral vectors to more than 100 pharmaceutical companies around the world. Gene and cell therapy are among the most popular research areas in modern medicine.
Dr. Christian Thirion, CEO SIRION Biotech explains: “The cooperation with 1toAll was crucial in order to identify a suitable property in a very demanding environment and thus lay the foundation for further growth.”

“Each time we are able to master the challenge of finding custom real estate solutions for a research company, we see the value of our efforts to develop our innovative tool, which is tailored to the needs of companies with modern business models,” says Eva Menne, pleased with the outcome. “My.1toAll is a digital solution that makes it possible to compare all available options by providing the necessary data, images, documentation and key economic data. It serves as the basis for efficient collaboration with our clients, which saves everyone time,” she continues.

1toAll collaborated with commercial real estate company Wander Immobiliengruppe to adapt a property development that was already in the planning phase to the specific requirements of SIRION Biotech GmbH. The company’s employees will resume their research activities at the new location in Gräfelfing at the latest in early 2022.